Let’s be real here.

Censorship is for Jackasses.

Free speech is our fundamental right. No, it’s our constitutional right.  I believe in our right to free speech. You could say I’m really hardcore about it.

We may not see eye to eye on things. Hell, we may not even want to hear each other’s point of view. But no matter what, I will stand up for your right to free speech. That is what real freedom looks like. We don’t have agree on our ideas or even what constitutes good taste. But I know we can agree that it’s a privilege to be able to openly disagree, even on TV, in a free society.

Here at Napa Valley TV, most of our programming is about life in the Napa Valley. They are the kind of shows you can watch with your kids or your grandparents. As in, “look grandma, I’m on TV!” And if you’ve ever watched our shows and said, “I could do that!” You’re right, you can. It’s easy to put together a show for Napa Valley TV. And if you’re here, you are one step closer to achieving television greatness!

My blog will be my personal soap box from time to time. Okay, let’s be honest. It will probably be my soap box a lot of the time. But in between my rants and raves, I’ll also share my TV know-how to help you put your best hoof, well in your case foot, forward.

— Jack

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